CV for David Goddeau

Contact: dg01@phasedance.com
PDF version: CV-2005-08-02

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

Ph.D. in Computer Science in 1993.
Thesis research under V. Zue on ``An LR Parser-Based Probabilistic Language Model for Spoken Language Systems''. Minor program in Molecular Biology.

M.S. in Computer Science in 1984.
Graduate level courses in computer architecture, computer-aided design, analog MOS circuit design, artificial intelligence and robotics. Thesis under Prof. S.A. Ward on ``A Multiple Processor Implementation of the TRIX Operating System''.

S.B. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 1979.

Hewlett Packard Co., Palo Alto, CA
Jan. 2003 to present
Research scientist in Hewlett Packard's Cambridge Research Laboratory developing new applications related to healthcare and life-sciences. Architect and developer for BioStream, a J2EE-based system for collecting, analysing, storing and visualizing ECG data from wireless sensing devices. Assumed responsibility along With 2 colleagues, assumed responsibility for Talisman patient monitoring system consisting of wireless ECG devices, communications relay devices, the BioStream system, and automation and monitoring software. Completed prototype system development and brought to clinical trial with hospital partner. Other projects include classification of protein mass spectra, stochastic simulation of cluster scheduling, and induction of transcription factor binding sites using Hidden Markov Models.

Compaq Computer Corp (CRL), Cambridge, MA
Jun. 1996 to Feb. 2000
Research lead for SpeechBot (www.compaq.com/speechbot), the first search site for streaming spoken audio on the Web, launched Dec.99. Project leader for Speech Recognition Project at CRL investigating new applications for large vocabulary speech recognition. Developed and implemented Web-based conversational systems technology, including natural language parsing and generation, semantic interpretation, discourse and dialog modeling, response planning, and Web-based architecture.

MIT Laboratory for Computer Science, Cambridge, MA
Jan. 1989 to Jun. 1996
Graduate Student, then Research Scientist with Spoken Language Systems Group. Conceived and developed the GALAXY architecture for distributed spoken-language access to on-line information and services. GALAXY represented an advance over current spoken language architectures in that it was distributed, multi-domain, and extensible. Implemented initial version of protocols, X-based client program, and several prototype knowledge servers. Initial demonstration of prototype system at ARPA HLS meeting 1994 and the 1995 World Economic Forum in Davos.

Other accomplishments include: development of semantic representation language and support library for SLS language understanding and generation systems, development of fast-match and search algorithms for the SUMMIT speech recognition system, development of semantic interpretation tool for construction of conversational system back ends. Contributed to SLS entry for ARPA evaluation (ATIS) of speech and language technology, particularly in the area of statistical language modeling for speech recognition.

Hewlett Packard Labs., Palo Alto, CA
Jan. 1985 to Jan. 1987
Member of Technical Staff at HP-Labs in Palo Alto. Worked in Natural Language Group developing a system to parse and interpret English sentences with emphasis on database query. Developed and implemented linguistic treatment of constituent coordination. Designed and implemented several system modules including, inheritance language for representing linguistic feature hierarchies, lexical rule module, semantic disambiguation module, and module to translate semantic expressions into relational database queries.

Independent consultant specializing in product and system development.

Knumi Inc.,Boston MA
Nov. 2001 - Nov. 2002
Hired as consultant to define and develop a J2EE architecture and product for creating and delivering spoken dialog applications for sales force support. Key features of the system were: abstract data model and integration layer, dialog description language for rapid application development, and output rendering layer supporting VoiceXML and SALT. The system was implemented, used internally to develop sales force applications for Knumi clients, and eventually transferred to a Knumi customer.

SpeechWorks Intl.,Boston, MA
Apr. 2000 - Jun. 2001
Worked as independent consultant and FTE on the company's strategy surrounding the VoiceXML spoken dialog mark-up language. Designed and produced the OpenVXI Open Source VoiceXML interpreter and a working integration with SpeechWorks products. Supported users with software updates and feature enhancements. Developed a framework for server-side speech application development for VoiceXML and managed the production of a demonstration application using this framework. Assisted marketing and sales with VoiceXML and related technologies.

Proconics International, Woburn, MA
Sep. 1981 to Jun. 1989
Designed and implemented control software for a robot designed to transfer wafers in semiconductor fabrication facility. Produced prototype system for initial delivery and provided support for permanent software staff. Developed specification and communication interface for software package to automate diffusion areas in semiconductor manufacturing.

Mytrix Systems, Cambridge MA
Sep. 1983 to Jan. 1985
Consulting work on UNIX operating system for several clients.

Speechworks Institute, Cambridge, MA.
Dec 2001
Developed a 1-day course on VoiceXML at SpeechWorks Institute. Course covered VoiceXML basics and included student exercises on OpenVXI platform.

ArsDigita University, Cambridge, MA.
Jan 2001
Designed, developed and taught an intensive 1-month course on Object-Oriented Programming in Java. Course covered basics of OOP as well as advanced topics in network, multi-threaded and GUI programming. Students completed several programming projects as part of the course. Course available on-line at http://www.aduni.org/courses/java

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA.
Spring 1982, Fall 1982, Fall 1987, Spring 1988:
Recitation instructor [4 semesters] for undergraduate core course on Computer Architecture. Responsibilities included presenting new material, reviewing lecture material, and problem set and quiz problem generation.

Lowell Institute School, Cambridge, MA.
Feb. 1977 to Dec. 1981:
Laboratory teaching assistant for introductory digital electronics course meeting one night per week.

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Theses Supervised
Chang, A., "Part-of-speech Based Language Models for Speech Recognition", M.Eng. MIT 2000

Ghosh, D., "Semantic Parsing Based Grammar Induction", M.Eng. MIT 1998

Serridge, B., "A Parametric Analysis of the SUMMIT Speech Recognition System", B.S. MIT 1995

"Cardiac Diagnostic System Combining Cardiologist Knowledge and Machine Learning"
Co-Inventors: Pedro J. Moreno and Beth T. Logan
Status: Pending (2004)

"Computer Method and System for Reading and Analyzing ECG Signals"
Co-Inventors: Beth T. Logan and Pedro J. Moreno
Status: Pending (2004)

"Method And System For Guiding Scheduling Decisions In Clusters Of Computers Using Dynamic Job Profiling"
Co-Inventors: Leonidas Kontothanasis, Richard Flower and Rivka Ladin
Status: Pending (2004)

"Content-based Synchronization Method for Datastreams"
Co-Inventors: Leonidas Kontothanasis and JM Van Thong
Status: Pending (2004)

"Apparatus for Aligning Circular Objects"
Status: US Patent No. 4,765,793, Issued Aug. 23, 1988.

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``Probabilistic Language Modelling for Spoken Language Systems'', Speech Group at Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK, June 1993.